Who are we?

At Organiq we fuse the worlds of film, fantasy and games with learning goals, awareness and/or behavioural change by means of interaction. With our grounded approach we reach better results due to co-creation. Organiq wants to deliver interactive solutions that always put user experience in the driver’s seat. We are your specialist and sparring partner in analysing, designing and developing your tailored interaction solution.

Our secret wapen is our creative and flexible team, where analysis and know-how are supplemented with a healthy dose of gut-feeling. This progressive team of developers, designers and visionaries design and develop balances products from concept to launch and everything that might follow.


The Team

Who are the people at Organiq? Meet them here!


Andries van Vugt

If you ask Andries if he’s in or out of the box, he’ll answer: What box?! Andries is the founder and creative mastermind of Organiq. Disruptive with every fibre of his being, but with a decent amount of gut feeling, he is able to dig up the best solutions for the most diverse range of situations.

In this way, a possible problem is pivoted to a bold, but realisable vision that targets the problem at the core: people. Above all Andries is a man of the people, a real people’s person. To Andries knowledge sharing and behavioural change are no empty promises, they are a way of life.

Drink in hand, Andries will always join the debate on the way in which the world works or should work. If you’re lucky he’ll even cook for you and gets behind the piano at the end of the night

Creative to the bone, a man on a mission to change the world; but always together, never alone. 


Rene van der Eijk

0% error margin, 100% checked, if need be with his “I”s dotted twice. René is Andries’s perfectionistic right hand. Together they navigate Organiq expertly to every opportunity and through every storm.

Everyone wants to innovate. But innovate what? Innovation is a complete package, something René understands like no other. In every process, René keeps on asking questions until he is sure all underlying wishes have been unearthed. Only then dares René to give the assurance that a proposed solution is the best one.

René always takes a challenge by the horns. From distant travels and extreme sports to a good book and a heated conversation, René will always delve to the very bottom and dares to toe any line until it has to be moved.

Solid, honest, perfectionistic, but always in for adventure. 


Fons Verhoef

Order from chaos squared, Fons is an interaction and information analyst. From unstructured heaps of data and ideas he effectively works towards insightful and realisable solutions.

He likes to build bridges between IT, creative and management teams and resides like a spider in the middle of every project. Doing so, he makes sure everyone gets exactly what he needs, without having to do major concessions.

From movies to games to books to unknown frogs in the Bornean rainforest, Fons is a walking pubquiz. You can’t often catch him off guard with something he doesn’t know. But be careful if you do, armed with a craft beer until the early hours of the morning he will want to hear everything about it.

From complicated tot innovatively insightful, Fons will find the needle in any haystack.

…And then you also have Leander, Wilco, Dominic, Cor and all the others that are always at the ready with new ideas and solutions, but also available for all questions, issues and remarks.