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Question: We want to teach children in groups 7 and 8 the concept of 'insurance' and to make them aware of the risks in life and the possible (counter)measures. Can you replace our current analog board game for a gamified digital version suitable for Digi boards in primary schools?

Concept: The new FixJeRisk concept is played in groups in the classroom. After consultation, each group chooses the best insurances for a future event. These events are random and are determined by the Wheel of Adventure. The group that wins has chosen the best insurance(s)! 

Execution: We built an HTML5 solution suitable for Digiboards. In-house drawings, animations, audio and the entire game design make FixJeRisk a very cool experience. This was a really nice job for us! And still is...

Result: FixJeRisk has been a success for two years now. Costs have been saved by replacing the analogue board game, but the kids also like the new version much more! FixJeRisk is played in approximately 10,000 classes (group 7 and 8) and receives a 9 score (out of 10) from the children and the (guest) teachers. Meanwhile, version 1.1. is live and in 2019 version 1.2. will be played. We continue to improve the edugame based on feedback and new ideas plus current developments. We pay tribute to our customer for the fact that they understand that these types of applications need to be continuously maintained, improved and can be even more fun and effective. FixJeRisk is played every year in 'the week of money' supported by, among others, Princess Maxima and many companies, schools and agencies in the Netherlands.

Our next step is to roll-out outside the Netherlands. Please contact us for more information.

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