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From5to4: mobility game

We asked ourselves if it would be possible to design a Gamified Solution that could potentially reduce traffic congestion to an absolute minimum. The short answer is YES. 

From 5 to 4 (F5T4) is a solution that targets the largest group of traffic jam causers and sufferers: commuters. It asks these commuters to travel smarter for just one of the five workdays. Cycle to work, take the train, carpool or work one day from home, but try and keep your private car standing in the driveway. 

F5T4 is normally played within companies. But rather than being just another administrative tool, F5T4 is a game that excites employees to become part of it. How does it work? It uses game elements and techniques that could potentially transform any administrative tool into a Gamified Solution (if you want to read more about this process in general read our white paper: Gamification as a Solution). More specific, it uses reward systems and community interests to enthuse everyone both on a personal as a communal level. For instance, if you were to cycle to work once you’d get points and possibly unlock new avatars, but if you always cycle to work you could go for the company record, or join your department to defeat another department in a head-to-head. 

Of course there is an administrative side to F5T4, but this is one of its strengths. Because this administrative side is not for the players, but allows managers to gain insights into the travel behaviour of their employees and the possible changes in satisfaction. 

The results? It shows that during the period that F5T4 is played there is indeed a 20% reduction of car usage. Better yet is that these reduction values tend to stay rather high long after people have stopped playing. This shows that behavioural change is successfully accomplished. 


We know that this almost sounds too good to be true, and we might be a bit biased. However, we are not the only ones that believe in F5T4. In 2011, F5T4 won 3rd place in NDW and a year later was nominated for the Intertraffic Innovation Award 2012. Now, F5T4 goes abroad to the European market, starting out in 6 countries in 2014.

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