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Discovering Illiteracy in New Families

Low literacy is often a well hidden problem within society. Sadly, when parents have a low literacy level, children tend to eventually fall behind on their development as well. We, here at Organiq, together with New Learning Factory and The Dutch Reading and Writing Foundation (Stichting Lezen en Schrijven), have developed an E-learning Essentials solution that tries to notice low literacy where is counts: New parents. By instructing the maternity nurses about how to recognize low literacy in new families, assistance could be provided where needed. 

Video: Parts of the e-learning course.

The Dutch Reading and Writing Foundation

As an E-learning Essentials module, this course aims to instruct in a way that is more effective than traditional methods by adding minimal gamification. In this particular instance, this minimal gamification is found in the way the course is layered and the rewards that are given throughout. By being more visual-based, rather than text-based, the retention levels are higher and participants tend to enjoy the course more than with traditional methods.

The Dutch Reading and Writing Foundation

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