Games for all ages

The typical gamer for many is a guy in his late twenties, malnourished, greasy hair and skin, and a collection of weird t-shirts. To an extent this is right as the average gamer is indeed 30 years old. However, this is just the average and it is curious to see that the groups of young and old gamers are growing the fastest.

It might sound fake, but kids below the age of 3 already know how to use tablets and play simple games like BugSmash. Smartphones and tablets are given to children more and more each year, to the point they are no longer scarce in primary school. And this means that more and more apps are geared towards these ‘tweens’, which might be a good thing. For instance, as playing outside becomes less popular, a fitness app geared towards kids might be of use.

On the other end of the spectrum we see the same thing happening. Where computers are generally hard to understand, tablets and smartphones have a more intuitive interface. This shows in the rapid growth of these device among seniors. Especially brain training type of games, but also WordFeud and old-fashioned crosswords are played a lot by seniors. 

The above shows that the average gamer has changed and might not even be a prime customer anymore. In a world of apps and tablets it might be wise to look at non-stereotypical users.